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"We think of our KPMG advisers as an extension of our team. They’re definitely the people we want at our table as we grow the company."

Totum is a young Wellington-based software company with ambitious plans for growth. Their flagship product is Permit Planner, a license management tool that enables oil and gas companies to proactively manage their permit and compliance obligations.

Totum has been working with KPMG advisers, Sven Pannell and Gavin Holley, since early 2015. As CEO Caroline Taylor explains, it’s important to find the right ‘fit’ when it comes to external advisors:

"We first started working with the Enterprise team through the Grow Wellington scheme. They really understood our business and the growth path we’re embarking on — it feels like we’re very much aligned."

"KPMG have been pivotal in helping us work through the issues facing an early-stage company; including structuring the business, implementing strategy, and planning for capital requirements. Their expertise and guidance in the start-up space has been invaluable. We find ourselves asking ‘what would Gavin and Sven say?’ when we reach a crossroads!"

"It’s also invaluable for us to have access to KPMG’s broad range of experts, both here and abroad. When we take our products to global markets, or open international offices, we know KPMG will be there to help us navigate the new set of challenges that will bring."