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Almighty Beverages



"KPMG have really helped us to focus on what’s important."

The team behind Almighty Beverages are young business owners on a mission. They manufacture a range of healthy organic juices — and donate a portion of each bottle sold towards helping Kiwi kids lead healthier lives.

Almighty Beverages uses the funds to support programmes in schools that teach kids how to cook and grow their own veges. By partnering local schools with juice retailers and other volunteers, the business model can be rolled out throughout New Zealand.

Prior to the brand’s launch in 2015, KPMG helped to clarify their inspiring vision, as co-director Ben Lenart explains:

"Right from day one, they really pushed us to articulate our vision and determine what our core values are. That’s given us a strong sense of direction and focus."

"As a small business, it’s easy to get distracted by different opportunities and all the things that come along. We’re learning it’s just as important to determine the things you don’t do. KPMG has helped us formulate a strong strategic plan…and we’re sticking to it."

"It’s fun to work with the KPMG guys; but they’re also very professional and serious about helping our business grow. We aim to be a much bigger client in the future! KPMG will know our story right from the beginning, and where we’ve come from, which will be hugely beneficial."