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Lysaght Consulting

Mount Maunganui


"The advice is insightful, and they always keep us well-informed."

Lysaght Consulting is a team of professionals who provide a range of consultancy services including land surveying, engineering, and soil contamination investigations.

Another key activity listed on Lysaght’s website is ‘multisport’. The Lysaght team gets involved in regular team sports events, and there’s a company-wide policy to encourage staff to take a break during the workday to do something active.

As director Peter Moodie explains, the firm’s mission statement is ‘be the solution, not the problem’ — and they like to partner with others who share the same approach:

"We’ve experienced considerable growth during the previous two years…so we were looking for accountants who would take us to the next level in terms of forecasting, planning and monitoring across our financials and taxation."

"As Directors, we wanted a proactive consultancy firm that would offer fresh ideas, keep us informed of legislation changes, and ensure our tax position is well-planned. It was also important they’d provide constant and reliable support to our administration staff, and be involved in regular planning sessions."

"The team from KPMG have been like a breath of fresh air. The advice is insightful, they deliver on time, and they always keep us well-informed. There’s a real sense that we’re in safe hands."